2024 is off & running!

2024 is off & running!

Wow! It is hard to believe the first month of 2024 is done.  The first couple of weeks were relatively quiet with some normal reflection on prior year and a little bit of planning for the new year.  But right there in the middle of January, we were hit with a crazy storm.  Snow started falling the morning of January 15th. Winter storm Jan 15 2024

As a farmer, I am always looking at the weather predictions, so a few days before the storm I did the best I could to prepare, not really knowing what to expect.  Based on the previous year's storm when we dropped to almost 0 degrees with wind and unexpected snow, I needed to make sure the barns were cozied up for the alpacas, the chicken coop was insulated as much as possible, heated water buckets were working, hay was easily accessible, the barn cats had warm places to hide out, and the older alpacas had coats and the warmest spots in the barn.

alpacas cushed in the barn

This year's storm was worse than last year.  The preparations made such a difference!  The only struggle was that after the initial snow storm, the temperature stayed low and cloud cover prevented snow from melting off.  We had a brief few hours in the middle of the week where I could get off my farm to get to the post office and pick up a couple of items from the store.  But after that, the additional snow, a little melting and then another drop in temperature, it became almost impossible to drive up and down the icy driveway.  We were stranded (but prepared) for the rest of the week and into early the following week.

The dogs didn't seem to mind the snow!

Daisy great pyr




The alpacas didn't seem to be bothered too much.  Of course they were all hunkered down in the barn during the worst part of the storm.

alpacas in the snow

And the cats came out for a brief amount of sunshine when they could.


And what a difference after the snow finally melted!

farm on Jan 25 2024

The snow covered farm and hills were beautiful.  Honestly, though, I am thankful the snow is gone and we are back to the normal routine. 


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